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About Us

Unlocking Possibilities

Founded in 2018, Come Study International is focused on helping students unlock possibilities in the pursuit of their educational goals.

We recognize that securing admission at a university abroad, obtaining the necessary travel permit, and preparing to travel, settle, and adjust to the new environment of a study destination can be challenging, time consuming and stressful for many students and their families. That is why Come Study International exists to offer international students expert advice on the study abroad process, schools, and destinations.

We work with some of the world’s most prestigious and yet affordable universities and colleges around the world to provide various options to meet students’ unique needs, taking into consideration their academic backgrounds, career aspirations and financial capability.

Investing in our community by investing in people

Come Study International believes in giving back to our community. Through initiatives such as the Come Study International Academic Excellence Awards, the Come Study International Library Project and other charitable activities, we support children and families te enable them pursue their dreams of living a healthy, productive life. We're committed to helping all people unlock possibilities. To learn more and support our activities, click the link below to visit MyLyfLine Foundation (also known as Come Study International Foundation).